MEDetAL presents an effective solution for thumb and finger sucking!


In 1995 MEDetAL Development Corporation offered a new approach to treat habitual (chronic) thumb sucking - ThumbGuard™ (T-Guard™). Though the general concept of covering the thumb (or fingers) has been tried in the past, our attempts to refine the fastening system and the thumb cover itself were very successful. This patented concept was finalized into a treatment kit based on the proven fact that a habit can be broken if it is not exercised for at least 3 weeks. 

The initial evaluations have found the appliance to be safe, gentle, fun to wear and effective in 90% of all cases of treating thumb sucking. Recommendations of these studies were implemented to improve the comfort and compliance of ThumbGuard™, which subsequently raised the success rate even higher.[1]

Listed by the U.S. FDA as a medical device, ThumbGuard™ has helped thousands of children to stop this, often damaging, oral habit within one month. In some cases the habit was eliminated in less than one week. 

For children who have the habit of sucking their fingers (not thumbs), we now offer a similar treatment kit - FingerGuard™. All information provided here about thumb sucking and its treatment with ThumbGuard™ can be directly related to finger sucking and the solution for it - FingerGuard™. 

Unsolicited testimonials from parents are clear proof of satisfaction with the offered treatments as well as with our customer service. Parents are telling us that their children become happier and children's self esteem has skyrocketed. 

Best of all, for our U.S. customers we offer an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee. 

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