What if my child sucks their fingers, and not their thumbs?


Don't worry! Medetal also offers a product that can stop fingersucking as effectively as Thumbguard™.... Fingerguard™!

Based on the same principles as the ThumbGuard™, the Fingerguard™ appliance stops finger sucking by disrupting the suction that occurs when the child tries to suck his or her finger. This suction is the primary element responsible for pleasure, and is the sole reason why children cannot help but prolong this harmful habit. By breaking the suction, you are breaking the habit.

Fingerguard™ can be placed on ANY two adjacent fingers, not necessarily those shown in the diagram at right.

For more information regarding how the device works, see the ThumbGuard™ page.

Age: 3 to 4
Age: 5 to 6
Age: 7+

Recommended Appliance Size

FingerGuard™ Small
FingerGuard™ Medium
FingerGuard™ Large

NOTE: If you feel that your child is either larger or smaller than the average size for a given age group, or you have any doubts as to what is the correct size, see question 9 of the faq's for a sizing chart.

FingerGuard™ is designed for children from ages 3 and up and it comes as a treatment kit, which includes one appliance, 50 non-releasable multicolor bracelets, video and written instruction. Its gentle, non-intrusive approach is guaranteed to stop the child’s habit quickly and effectively within 30 days. FingerGuard™ is a safe and easy solution to the detrimental problem of finger sucking.

You can order FingerGuard™ here.



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